Data collected is of no consequence unless they are converted into actionable insights. Today companies are sitting on a goldmine of data both historical and real-time and they realize that this data can change the way they compete and operate. But deriving meaningful insights from information is not easy. It requires analytical capabilities, modeling techniques, and tools to make this happen. At Magedia we offer comprehensive data analytics services that help corporates to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing business environment by making quick and meaningful data-driven decisions

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Our Data Analytics Services follow a structured approach to narrow down on relevant information and convert them into insights that help you make the right decisions at the right time. We offer data analytics services in the following business areas:

● Manufacturing/Service delivery
● Supply chain management
● Marketing and Sales
● Customer data
● Finance
● Asset management
● Services


Our proprietary and customized Data Analytics solutions have helped our customers achieve:

● 75% reduction in operating expenses
● 100 times faster data management and analysis
● 25% increase in sales & revenue
● 30 % reduction in churn rate

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Data Analytics Services – Options to choose from:

● Data analytics as a service

Magedia’s managed Data Analytics Services helps you unearth the value of your data, derive meaningful insights, plan, and respond in real-time to various business demands. All this can be achieved without investing in developing and managing analytical solutions at your end.

● Data analytics implementation services

If you need assistance in implementing data analytics solution that is in line with your business requirements then it's time to connect with us. We help implement fully compliant solutions or revamp the existing one within the time frames set by you.

● Data analytics support and improvement services

If you are looking to fine-tune your existing analytical solutions then you are at the right place. At Magedia we are adept at analyzing your current analytical environment, identify pitfalls in your systems, and address the issues that prevent you from leveraging the full potential of your data analytics solutions. And we do all of these quickly making us a preferred partner of choice.

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