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Top-notch eCommerce Solutions and Web-development

We are a technology solutions company with a focus on providing advanced eCommerce development services and consulting. The company was established in 2016 and we’ve gained vast experience over these 6 years. Magedia offerings cover all stages of software development life-cycle, including business analysis and design, software development, support and QA.

Magento Services

Putting Magento at the core of the company comes from an adherence for practice, delivery, and planning, and how they can be applied together to give our clients the freedom to rethink their approach to business and help modernize their methods of work.

Retail Services

We help our clients provide a seamless shopping experience across multiple formats and stores. We help retailers to provide a smooth shopping experience through various formats and stores – physical, kiosk, online and mobile apps. Our clients introduce new channels quickly, improve merchandising, personalize offers, minimize operational costs and maximize revenues across touch points.

Ecommerce Services

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  • Ecommerce Consulting
  • Ecommerce Website Design
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Ecommerce Testing
  • Ecommerce Implementation

Ecommerce Services

Use our technology expertise and a problem-oriented approach to obtain a clean-coded and high-performing ecommerce solution. Among our services we are happy to propose our clients: ecommerce development solutions, ecommerce consulting and testing, ecomerce design and implementation.

WEB Development

Get a custom web solution developed by a team of experts with a solid knowledge in your industry. 6+ years on the software market as well as applying the newest development technologies brought us broad experience in web development across all major business industries.

Testing & QA

We offer comprehensive software testing and QA services for desktop and mobile applications. Experienced test engineers are an essential part of each project we work on to guarantee the deliverables meet the highest quality standards. Thus our clients get maximum efficiency and zero bugs.

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We'll help transform your desires into tangible tech tasks resulting in further project implementation and success.
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Magento core competence helps us to go deep into your project and find the solution that fits you best.
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We'll thoroughly analyze your ecommerce website and find the solution to increasing profit and ROI.

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Magento 1 Development 

Refinement, optimization, and support of the largest online floral marketplace in the US

Magento 1 Development

Migration to Magento 2  

Migration to Magento 2 for the home improvement store

Magento 1 Development  

Magento 1 development and support for the medical company

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