Project Description


Apparel & Fashion

Engagement Model

Time & Material

Project duration

4 months

Effort (man-hours)

870 hours

About The Client

Our customer is a well-known fashion store based in the UK. They have been providing stylish clothes and accessories to shoppers for more than five years. They wanted to increase their sales and customer base by opening an online shop. Their business focuses on offering a wide variety of products at competitive prices, along with excellent customer service. However, they didn’t have a strong online shopping platform to bring their success to the internet.


Our team was given the job of creating an user-friendly, scalable, and secure e-commerce website. We picked PrestaShop to build the site because it has lots of useful out-of-the-box features, can grow with the business, and is simple to use. Our work involved understanding the client’s requirements, designing a custom theme, developing the site, integrating necessary modules, and testing for functionality and security.



As the client was eager to be in the loop of the development process and make changes by small portions, Scrum methodology was the best fit.

We planned a backlog for each two-week sprint, and discussed the progress on daily stand-up meetings.

Building PrestaShop store from scratch

In the initial stage of the project, we had several conversations with the client to learn about their business objectives, current systems, and design ideas. We asked about their CRM and ERP systems, payment methods, and any special features they wanted for their online shop. The client also shared their thoughts on the website’s design and user experience. After carefully considering their needs, we decided that PrestaShop was the best choice for their project. It offers many features, can grow with their business, and easily connects with various third-party tools, which matched the client’s requirements. PrestaShop also provides a variety of customizable themes and add-ons, allowing us to create an attractive and efficient online shop that fits their unique business goals.

Custom Theme Development

We usually suggest using a custom theme when starting a project from scratch. Using the mockups their design team provided, our developers built a PrestaShop theme that met their expectations and provided a smooth, mobile-friendly user experience that matched their brand. Choosing a custom theme let us fulfill their specific needs and create an exclusive online shopping experience for their customers.

Module Integration

We integrated various PrestaShop modules for enhanced functionality, including payment gateways, shipping modules, SEO modules, and social media integration.

Custom Feature

One of the unique features we implemented was a ‘Virtual Fitting Room’. This feature allowed customers to virtually try on clothes, giving them a better idea of how the product would look on them. This was achieved by integrating a third-party tool with the PrestaShop store


The project delivered a tailored, feature-rich, and high-performing online store from scratch that met the client’s specific needs and offered an exceptional shopping experience for their customers.

Built a custom PrestaShop online store from scratch, based on the client's design mockups, creating a unique and engaging shopping environment.
Integrated various modules to enhance functionality, including payment gateways, shipping modules, and SEO modules.
Implemented social media integration to expand the store's online presence and reach.
Introduced a Virtual Fitting Room feature by integrating a third-party tool, enabling customers to virtually try on clothes and make better purchasing decisions.
Ensured a responsive and user-friendly shopping experience across different devices and browsers.
Completed thorough testing and provided ongoing support to guarantee optimal store performance and security.


The ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the webstore allowed the client to provide an engaging 
and seamless shopping experience to their customers in the highly competitive fashion industry.

Tools and Technologies

Platform PrestaShop 8
Framework Symfony, Vue.js
PHP, JavaScript
Web server Apache 2.4
Database MySQL
Testing Tools Browserstack
Frontend HTML5, Bootstrap, JQuery

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