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PrestaShop is a popular open-source e-commerce platform appreciated for its user-friendly interface, versatility, and scalability. It’s a solid solution for businesses of all sizes, offering a seamless online store management experience for merchants. PrestaShop is an excellent choice for businesses looking for flexible solutions, serviceability, and all that at a reasonable development cost.

PrestaShop is one of the most popular open-source e-commerce platforms that offers a wide range of solutions to help businesses create and manage successful online stores. PrestaShop helps and adapts to businesses of any size offering on-premises solutions as well as a subscription model where hosting, support, and even ecommerce services are included to launch an online store. Add to that the official Prestashop Marketplace, where merchants can find a wide range of Themes and Modules for every taste and a wide range of tasks. Together with an active and huge community that is always ready to help and support fellow PrestaShop users. If this is not enough, a large number of developers and partner companies are always happy to help with individual and custom requests from merchants.

In conclusion, PrestaShop’s extensive customization options, vast community, powerful management tools and make it an effective solution for businesses looking to create and grow a successful online store. Prestashop is also an affordable platform in terms of development costs, which is easily confirmed by the number of merchants who use this platform. We would be very happy to support you throughout your PrestaShop journey, offering an extensive range of services tailored to meet your unique requirements and ensure your success.

Prestashop Development Services

Prestashop Support and Maintenance

Our team specializes in taking care of your online store so it runs smoothly all the time. We have a lot of experience in e-commerce and can handle everything your store needs to stay up-to-date and secure. We make sure your store works well by updating it regularly, fixing any issues, and making it run faster. By letting us handle your PrestaShop support and maintenance, you can concentrate on growing your business while we look after the technical side.

Prestashop Custom Development

If you want to implement anything outside of standard or ready-made solutions, whether it’s custom design, integration with 3rd party services, 3D configurator, or anything else, we would be happy to help you out.  With our diverse range of custom development solutions, you can create a distinctive and efficient online store.

Prestashop Design and Theme Development Services

Our team of designers would be happy to assist you in creating a distinctive design for your web store that sets it apart from others or enhancing it with an excellent user interface and user experience that will improve your customers’ overall experience. We also offer a range of services for custom PrestaShop theme development, which includes creating a unique theme from scratch or customizing an existing theme

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Prestashop Integration Services

We offer seamless integration services to enhance your e-commerce store’s functionality and streamline business operations. We specialize in connecting your PrestaShop store with various third-party systems, including ERP, payment systems, and CRM platforms. By integrating these essential tools, you can effectively manage inventory, process transactions, and nurture customer relationships, all from a single interface. Our PrestaShop integration services ensure smooth data synchronization and improved efficiency, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Prestashop Modules Development Services

At Magedia, we provide PrestaShop modules development services, creating custom modules to enhance your store’s functionality and performance. We create modules to your or your client’s specific needs, ensuring seamless integration and improved user experience. Choose our services to extend your store’s capabilities and gain a competitive edge in the e-commerce market.

Upgrade to PrestaShop 8

Keep your online store up-to-date and secure by upgrading to the latest version of PrestaShop. Our team of experts will ensure a smooth and seamless transition, preserving your data and maintaining your store’s functionality. With our PrestaShop upgrade services, you can take advantage of improved performance, the latest security updates, and cutting-edge features that will enhance your e-commerce store. 

For instance, the latest PrestaShop 8 update includes numerous new features such as:

  1. A new security page 
  2. Significantly improved product page
  3. Uploaded images can now be saved in the modern WebP format
  4. SEO improvements

And many others.

Trust our expertise to upgrade your store efficiently and effectively, minimizing downtime and maximizing results.

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What our clients say

The team of Magedia have consistently delivered excellent products for our organisation. They have helped us solve complex programming and development challanges and created solutions that are stable and that work very well. In all interactions they have been proffessional and produced high quality work with a keep focus on getting the details correct and delivering within tight timeframes required in our industry. I would highly recommened Magedia.

Domingos Ferreira (Director, Quantum Outsource)

The Magedia team is highly responsive and communicative. Any ‘panic tasks’ are being handled directly. Furthermore, we experienced the team as very flexible, meaning that depending on the issue or the number of open tickets, they have provided us with further developers specialized in a specific field (such as UX Design). Overall, we are very happy to work with Anatoliy and his amazing team, knowing that they will give us a helping hand and profound expertise with any issue arising.

Jana Bachstein (PM at MHDirect)

We built a deep trust with Magedia over the years, and their team leader was acting as a part of our company. In one year we launched sites in several new territories. We saw an 80% sales increase in just one year. Plus we had exceptional support in place, with people ready to fix issues at any time.

Adriano De Petris (CTO at Brandy Melville)

Their attention to detail and velocity was fantastic.Magedia carried out all projects seamlessly and on time. They built a slew of different web applications, both front and back end development. Their work included developing and integrating new features all without disrupting the product’s service

Paris Benson (CEO/Founder, Wizely Finance)

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