Having deep software engineering experience, we provide various consulting services conducting a detailed analysis of your current system, designing your plan on the implementation of new components, and guiding you in the complex world of software. For us, it’s crucial to find the best solution that is adjustable and cost-effective and perfectly meets your IT strategy and business objectives. We bear in mind the size of your business, your industry, your goals, tasks you want to perform, challenges you run into and help you save up, earn money, and rationalize your business operations with wisely considered software solutions

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There are many things that can go bad with software. From difficulties, slowdowns, and failings in the final solution that harmfully affect the business in general to the implementation of an incomplete or fully wrong solution that often means huge amounts of lost time and money. The possible issues involve:

In planning:
● Ignoring or undervaluation of significant requirements
● The overall inadvisability of the objectives
● Wrong technology selection
● Unsuitable architecture

In development:
● Disordered code
● Security problems
● Inefficient system integration
● Wrong data handling

In team management:
● Problematic team communication
● Badly organized work
● Sub-optimal resources usage
● Delayed delivery

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Our specialists are ready to join you at any phase and provide proficient software consulting services to assist you to avoid costly rework, offer actions on the mitigation of the issues and risks detected, improve the general software quality or restore a problematic project and turn it into success.

Application concept design
We attentively analyze industry trends, competitors’ achievements (in case their products and services are public), collect end users’ feedback, prototype a future solution’s strength features, and develop an app concept that will become a trustworthy base for your project.
Being experienced in high-level communication, we quickly find the most efficient approach to provide information to business people, managers, and executives. We take care of the customer’s time, keep to the point, and concentrate on the pluses from the organization and industry opportunities.

Expert requirements analysis
We assist you to clear up, give priority, and eliminate uncertainty in business, architecture and system requirements and solve conflicting problems in them. We assess their usefulness, provide extensive use-case diagrams, business process and data flows schemes. Consequently, you get a clear, rationally set out requirements specification that will be a trustworthy guide for the members of the project team and that will meet your specific business demands and goals.

Technology selection consulting
We help you to choose the most suitable technology for your future solution as well as to replace an outdated and not effective one. With a rich list of the technologies we work with, we provide independent 3d-party advice on the technology stack for your future solution, detect which technology will properly resolve the issues you may address and bring maximum value to your project.

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Architecture development
Bearing in mind the emergence of new technologies, constantly changing business demands, and your needs and prospects, we decide on the most suitable design (with multi-tier, microservices, reactive or cloud-native approach) for your future software. Our team provides transparent application architecture ready for manifold integrations with your or 3d-party systems and helps to improve your software for enhanced credibility and performance, subsequent scalability, engaging UX, execution of real-time components, etc.

Provision of integration plan
We provide stable integration with various 3d-party products and solutions and ensure secure, smooth, and coherent connection between systems without data replications and slowdowns to make their work comfortable and prevent manual data input.

Security threats prevention
Realizing constantly increasing security threats and using best practices and instruments of multi-level control, we help you to provide the highest standard of security, confidentiality, integrity, and authentication to build a reliable armor for your software and earn the trust of its future users.

● We recommend you how to ensure the reliability of your future software, advising on architecture and design patterns, designing secure software development guidelines, etc.
● We test how protected and robust your current software is against hacker attacks and provide a set of options to improve your software security and decrease the detected security and privacy vulnerabilities.
● We assist you to stay in line with precise industry-specific security requirements (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.), ensuring professional assistance from our field experts.

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Project management optimization
With solid experience in software development, we understand how to give a tangible upgrade to your project flow and let you enjoy wise resource coordination, precise tasks setting, consistency in process management as well as enhanced process transparency through effective reporting on a daily basis (e.g., on resource workload, project status and expenditure control).

Software quality assurance
Our specialists determine a structured QA strategy if you don’t have any or examine your existing QA process and assist to improve its efficiency. To guarantee that software will reach the necessary level of quality and address the objectives sought, our QA consultants:
● Focus on the compliance of the project requirements in accordance with product and process quality management standards.
● Guarantee that the set requirements are full, consistent and transparent.
● Create an extensive and relevant test strategy.
● Help with the appropriate employee selection and training.

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