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  • Smoke testing: to ensure the high-priority features work properly before proceeding with further testing
  • Requirements-based testing: to design test cases based on the software requirements for their analysis and validation
  • Exploratory testing: to extend the test coverage by going beyond the predefined test suite
  • Regression testing: to ensure that changes didn’t affect current functionality
  • Integration testing: to ensure holistic and seamless work of system components
  • System testing: to ensure how the system’s behavior corresponds to the specification
  • Compatibility testing: ensure the same behavior of functionality across all browsers and platforms
  • Performance testing:  ensure that software endures various loads, including peak and unexpected ones
  • Usability testing: ensure the interface is user-friendly and intuitive
  • Security testing: ensure that software withstands cyberattacks
  • Localization and Internationalization Testing –  ensure that product is adapting to a different language and region.

Minimize human error and accelerate time-to-market. Automated tests increase test coverage and are reusable for future purposes. All this reduces business expenses.

We develop a test strategy including functional, non-functional and automated tests that will fulfill your business demands. The final result will be top-tier quality of your web application

We pick the best-fit device matrix and run all necessary tests to ensure seamless functioning of your mobile app – meeting both project requirements and users’ expectations.

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What our clients say

The team of Magedia have consistently delivered excellent products for our organisation. They have helped us solve complex programming and development challanges and created solutions that are stable and that work very well. In all interactions they have been proffessional and produced high quality work with a keep focus on getting the details correct and delivering within tight timeframes required in our industry. I would highly recommened Magedia.

Domingos Ferreira (Director, Quantum Outsource)

The Magedia team is highly responsive and communicative. Any ‘panic tasks’ are being handled directly. Furthermore, we experienced the team as very flexible, meaning that depending on the issue or the number of open tickets, they have provided us with further developers specialized in a specific field (such as UX Design). Overall, we are very happy to work with Anatoliy and his amazing team, knowing that they will give us a helping hand and profound expertise with any issue arising.

Jana Bachstein (PM at MHDirect)

We built a deep trust with Magedia over the years, and their team leader was acting as a part of our company. In one year we launched sites in several new territories. We saw an 80% sales increase in just one year. Plus we had exceptional support in place, with people ready to fix issues at any time.

Adriano De Petris (CTO at Brandy Melville)

Their attention to detail and velocity was fantastic.Magedia carried out all projects seamlessly and on time. They built a slew of different web applications, both front and back end development. Their work included developing and integrating new features all without disrupting the product’s service

Paris Benson (CEO/Founder, Wizely Finance)

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