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Why Magedia


Leverage the 9-year experience. Our eCommerce-savvy team knows all industry trends and pitfalls


We leverage all major methodologies: classic, agile, and extreme. That helps us to meet any project demands


We make decisions and changes promptly, while being close-knit team with a great personal involvement

Our implementation services

Creating the basis of fruitful and rewarding cooperation, we at Magedia first take into account the nature of your business, issues you face with, your aspirations and uncertainties you have. Together with this, we comprehensively study the structure of your business and its processes and identify the potential problems that may affect your company in future. Possessing this information, we become ready to start developing a technical solution and the strategy for its’ support.
We pay much attention to work with ecommerce platform settings, chosen for the project, based on which we will create the solution for your company and configure it to your particular tasks. Moreover, our vast technical experience allows us to transform it to the really custom solution to satisfy your personal requirements. This technological environment we create will enable your business not only to enter the market, but also to be competitive and growing.
Appealing and easy-to-use website is the signature of your ecommerce business. When we proceed with online store design, first we take into account your target audience, goods you sell and what brand message you want to deliver to your clients in general to make your website user-friendly. We carefully consider every step of a virtual customer journey, to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your website from the first sight to the moment of purchasing.
We ensure the synchronization of your business processes during integration with various payment gateways systems, retail POS system solutions and supporting enterprise systems.
Each time we cooperate with companies, which suffer from out-of-date ecommerce software, we strive to provide them with the efficient ecommerce platform to meet the existing demands and be helpful for future growth as well. After the solution is developed, we ensure the migration of company data with minimal involvement in working process.
Magedia certainly understands the significance of data privacy and integrity. When penetration testing is the vital part of the ecommerce solution implementation, it can be also offered as a standalone service used to detect various weaknesses and potential risks in security of your website.
After the solution is officially launched, our team keeps monitoring if it brings the awaited experience. Usually we provide this support service for about 1-3 months.
Being client-oriented, we set our relationship with the customers our key priority and complement our range of ecommerce implementation services with trustworthy technical support. Being involved in the process of solution development from the very beginning, we can easily remove all the issues that may arise during work of application, quickly implement app improvement requirements together with creating and carrying out the evolution roadmap.

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What our clients say

The team of Magedia have consistently delivered excellent products for our organisation. They have helped us solve complex programming and development challanges and created solutions that are stable and that work very well. In all interactions they have been proffessional and produced high quality work with a keep focus on getting the details correct and delivering within tight timeframes required in our industry. I would highly recommened Magedia.

Domingos Ferreira (Director, Quantum Outsource)

The Magedia team is highly responsive and communicative. Any ‘panic tasks’ are being handled directly. Furthermore, we experienced the team as very flexible, meaning that depending on the issue or the number of open tickets, they have provided us with further developers specialized in a specific field (such as UX Design). Overall, we are very happy to work with Anatoliy and his amazing team, knowing that they will give us a helping hand and profound expertise with any issue arising.

Jana Bachstein (PM at MHDirect)

We built a deep trust with Magedia over the years, and their team leader was acting as a part of our company. In one year we launched sites in several new territories. We saw an 80% sales increase in just one year. Plus we had exceptional support in place, with people ready to fix issues at any time.

Adriano De Petris (CTO at Brandy Melville)

Their attention to detail and velocity was fantastic.Magedia carried out all projects seamlessly and on time. They built a slew of different web applications, both front and back end development. Their work included developing and integrating new features all without disrupting the product’s service

Paris Benson (CEO/Founder, Wizely Finance)

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