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About The Client

The customer’s business is a florist shop located in Austria. It offers a variety of fresh flowers and floral arrangements, serving both locals and tourists. The shop is known for its attention to detail and quality products.


The client approached Magedia with an urgent issue: a critical bug was preventing customers from adding items to the shopping cart on their online store. As we worked to resolve this problem, we also offered the client a free audit to identify any other potential issues with their site. This audit revealed additional problems such as slow page loading speed and other bugs. The client agreed to implement our recommendations to fix these issues, and also asked us to integrate their webstore with a local QR payment service and install an SEO module.



We utilized Agile methodology to accomplish the project objectives. This enabled us to collaborate closely with the client, prioritize tasks effectively, and deliver results with flexibility and efficiency.

Maintenance and Performance Optimization

We quickly found and fixed the major problem that was stopping customers from adding items to their shopping cart. But we didn’t stop there. We also did a free check of the client’s online store and found other issues, like slow page loading and some bugs. We fixed these problems right away and improved the  website load time, taking it from 3 seconds to just 1,5 second. This made sure that the site was working well and safely.

QR Payment Integration

As part of our work to improve the client’s online store, we integrated a local QR payment system to provide customers with a more convenient and modern payment option. The integration involved configuring the payment gateway, testing the system to ensure proper functionality, and providing instructions to the client on how to use and manage the new payment method. With this new feature, customers could easily scan a QR code with their mobile device to complete their purchase, making the checkout process faster and more streamlined. This enhancement helped to improve the overall customer experience and increase sales for the client’s business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module

To improve the client’s online store’s search engine optimization, we installed a module that enables automatic generation of fully customized content for meta tags (Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, URL rewrite). Additionally, the module can automatically create social media meta tags for Facebook shared titles and Twitter cards. With these enhancements, the client’s online store was better equipped to attract more organic traffic and rank higher in search engine results, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue for their business.


We provided the client with a comprehensive solution that included fixing the critical bug, optimizing the online store’s performance, and integrating new features to improve the user experience and attract more customers. Our work included:

Identifying and fixing the critical bug that prevented customers from adding purchases to their shopping cart.
Conducting a free audit of the online store and fixing identified issues, including low page loading speed and other bugs.
Integrating a local QR payment service to provide customers with a convenient and modern payment option.
Installing an SEO module to automatically generate customized meta tags and create social media meta tags for improved search engine optimization.

Thanks to our efforts, the client’s online store became faster, more reliable, and more user-friendly, with improved search engine rankings and increased sales. The client was satisfied with our work and appreciated the added value we provided through our free audit and recommendations for further improvements. Since then, we have continued our cooperation with the client on an ongoing basis and have helped with his current tasks and plans for the website.


The ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the webstore allowed the client to provide an engaging 
and seamless shopping experience to their customers in the highly competitive fashion industry.

Tools and Technologies

Platform PrestaShop 8
Framework Symfony, Vue.js
PHP, JavaScript
Web server Apache 2.4
Database MySQL
Testing Tools Browserstack
Frontend HTML5, Bootstrap, JQuery

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