The software of your store or website is crucial for the work of your business, no matter if you are dealing with brick-and-mortar, online store or both. We at Magedia are ready to provide you with various custom retail software solutions in order to boost your revenue, from adding scale to your business, designing POS and inventory management solutions, making custom management system, to increasing your website or app capacity and so on.

Custom Retail Solutions

Originally adapted to your personal demands, Magedia prepares and provides specific solutions for retail software of all types, such as:

  • Data integration software (including ERP solutions and 3d party integration) 
  • POS system solutions (integration with POS devices, lists of items, processing of sales etc.)
  • Solutions to support back office needs (inventory management, store items data management etc.)

Ecommerce Solutions

Expand your traditional way of trading by ordering a unique and multifunctional ecommerce solution for your brand and therefore, strengthen your business by the aid of omnichannel retailing. Over the years of our work, Magedia brought to life lots of various projects for retail industry leaders, thus we became the experts in creating both retail and e-commerce software as well as technological platforms, linking all components of e-commerce value chain.

Trade Promotion Optimization

There is no doubt that trade promotion management technologies are more than significant and actual in a modern world as the expenses spent by manufacturers for sales promotions now surpass 20 % in average. While increasing number of brands choose automated technologies instead of using outdated spreadsheets, others prefer having possibilities of trade promotion optimization. Starting from monitoring of performance and comprehensive analysis to creating more effective approach with view of newly collected data – our comprehensive retail systems will take care of full circle of trade promotion and help you to take efficient marketing decisions.

Data Analysis

Taking into account the fact that data is the basis of retail and the guarantor of its’ efficiency, Magedia provides the retailers with efficient analysis of multi-level data to help with:

  • Categories optimization/Planning the sales of a particular SKU
  • Discover new possibilities to increase sales 
  • Schedule various marketing and sales actions
  • Vendor outreach
  • Strengthening the effectiveness of company operation

Customer Loyalty Programs

Magedia assists you to win the confidence of clients by developing the systems of complex and up-to-date loyalty program management that ensure:

  • Management of Client Account – monitoring of client orders and networks
  • Analysis and Reports – providing projections and defining trends 
  • Reward Solutionscustomizing marketing campaigns and creating special price offers, based on demands of every client
  • Inn-app Loyalty Programsdeveloping apps that bring the proposals directly to your clients

Retail Corporate Portal Creation

Professionals from Magedia provide you with reliable, up-to-date and easy-to-use corporate web portal, ensuring excellent business organization and helping to connect systems and information efficiently. Depending on the existing challenge, Magedia is ready to design a brand new corporate portal together with improving the already existing one.