Selecting Magedia you will get a reliable technology partner with proactive attitude and effective issue management, possessing good technology potential as well. We are confident in stating that our consulting services will definitely improve the strength of your brand, increasing your company income with every client interaction.

Every project phase is on focus

We at Magedia strongly believe that it is impossible to separate ecommerce consulting from project realization. We follow this way of thinking, being confident that every solution we develop for our clients has a certain business value for their company. Our experts are constantly engaged in the solution development process at all stages, monitoring the ongoing results and providing competent advice on necessary improvements for future. 

That is why Magedia ensures continuous consulting services from the very beginning to the end of the project:

1 Preliminary phase
  • Analyzing the vulnerabilities and defining the concealed issues in the existing ecommerce solution
  • Estimation of the technology to be used for your solution and choosing the appropriate suppliers 
  • Personalized solution development
  • Project size evaluation, including timeframes, budgetary and scope of work
2 Project Realization

We are very flexible when it is necessary to make adjustments in solution development or redistribute the priorities at every specific stage of project implementation

3 Solution roll out
  • Tutorials creation
  • Allocation of staffing for remote learning activities
  • Evaluation of the results and repeating the consulting activities when required
4 Solution advancement

Flexibility is what we foster during all stages of project implementation. In order to prevent big spending from your side during ecommerce solution implementation, we put top priorities in such areas of development, where fast effects can be found,  to begin with them.

Benefits you get with our consulting services

Digital customer experience
  • Build brand recognition by having an attractive UI design and thus gain clients trust and loyalty
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate thanks to resolving frictions during digital journeys
  • Enhance your checkout conversions
  • Give your clients a possibility to place orders on the spot
  • Make more profit through efficient cross-sells and upsells.
Efficient Order Fulfilment
  • Decrease your future operating expenses thanks to automation of delivery, product allocation as well as order and stock management processes 
  • Achieve no delays in order delivery for your customers
  • Promptly identify the store stale stock and avoid understock through inventory visibility in a real time
  • Get accurate demand forecasts from our analytics instruments
  • Create your individual marketing campaigns, based on the data tracked from your clients’ cross-channel purchasing history

Our consulting attitude

Fast Responsiveness

After comprehensive examination of the objectives and challenges you face with in your business, we design the most appropriate solution for you and promptly prepare it for further implementation. Moreover, at our work we follow a proactive approach,  usually offering our clients to analyze their current solution and work processes and identify the possible improvements. So, either on strategy shifts or technologies – our clients are sure that their investments are reasonable.  

Focus on results

We never setup the specific technology just because it’s multifunctional. When our experts provide you with the solution we are definitely sure about its’ benefit for your business.  For example, it’s not always the right choice to move to a more powerful platform, as you may face with (and pay for) additional excessive functions or costly support services. Instead, more beneficial will be to move to the platform with adequate and sufficient ecommerce features.