In a competitive environment, where retailers always compete with bigger companies to involve and cover more clients and brands, it becomes vital to enlarge the average purchase cost, streamline the selection of vendors, as well as to make your business omni-channel.  

In this regard, we offer our clients to bring their retail company income benefits and enhance your development prospects by accessible but accurate way. 

  • Products/brands demand prognosis
  • Market basket analysis
  • Defining customer groups and segments
  • Product assortment strategy and management of the items categories 
  • Planning of promotions
  • Analysis of competitors

Advanced Retail Analytics

To make recommendations for future development and show you the present company position, we create understandable reports (with the help of Sisense, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft PowerPivot, Oracle BI etc.) including: 

  • Implementation reports per brand, groups of product, store, unit, territory and channel
  • Comparative reports of SKUs and brands
  • Optimization reports on item movements between locations and sales reports, which help you to enhance inventory turnover, find out customers’ needs and improve staffing levels.

Top-quality infrastructure services

Vast experience and competence in BI practice enable our specialists to provide you with excellent business intelligence solutions from scratch, together with improving the already launched BI applications.  Among the wide range of our services are: 

  • Data warehouse design
  • Consolidation of data from allocated data sources
  • Clean-up of data and ETL
  • Extensive database
  • Replication of data between the main office and store
  • Performance of data protection solutions