Increase your conversion rate in Magento!

It’s a well-known fact that it’s such a big deal to attract the client to make a purchase or so called “convert” on your website. In this regard, it is better to employ the special company majoring in conversion rate optimization (CRO) for the purpose of sales increase.

Below are the five key significant techniques to strengthen your Magento site’s conversion rate:

Reduce the time of page loading

Engaging with the hosting platform specifically optimized for Magento will be one of the most effective ways to reduce the time of your page loading. Taking into account the software specially developed for Magento sites instead of generic hosting, it will reliably improve the productivity of your website reducing the page loading time for your clients.

Accelerate the process of order placement

If you want to increase your conversion rate, it’s necessary to consider the order placement page as the most significant page on your website.When your client reached the order placement page, which is the final phase of purchasing, it is a crucial moment to hold the client and not to let him leave the site. Unfortunately, when the ordering process is too sophisticated to navigate, it’s very easy to lose the potential customer.

Streamline site search operation

Whenever the potential customer visits the product page by using autocomplete, the probability of conversion raising increases 6 times. It is vital to improve the feature of autocomplete for linking the customer directly to the product. In order to reduce the website search time in general and to enhance the daily conversion, it is necessary to add the spelling errors, letters and partial titles.

Identify the proper CTA

Frequently minor and apparently irrelevant features can radically change the whole situation when you search for methods to strengthen your conversion rate. Consider implementing the Call to Actions (CTA) phrases in your website and you will see – switching the phrase “add to cart” to “buy” can make significant changes when the customer takes a decision to finish purchasing.

Absence of common style and out-of-date design

It’s not a secret that the initial impression is very significant – relying on this the visitor decides whether to stay or leave the website. It’s high time to consider changing the design when the website seems to be old-fashioned and the sales are at low level. Dealing with redesign, it’s also very important to remember that the website should contain the common style and features, that let the customer memorize and recognize your brand from all others on the market, for example catchy logo, corporative colors and specific fonts.