Our Customer

Our Customer is a well-known advisory company based in the UK that provides outsourcing and business improvement consulting services. The administrative outsourcing function of this Company offers its clients professional services to ensure effective business continuity and a reduction in non-core business expenses. Among the services successfully provided by the Client are administrative support and virtual assistant tasks, document and contract administration and management, data analysis and reporting as well as virtual project management office establishment and support.

All business improvement services are provided on a consultancy basis, aiming to assist companies with powerful solutions to improve their productivity and minimize inefficiencies, guarantee cost-savings and implement continuous improvement methodologies. The Company also aspires to align businesses and IT, as well as to assist various companies with practical solutions for gaining a competitive edge.

Our Client is widely popular in the UK, providing development services for many clients across the whole country. In order to complete various Magento development tasks that Company needed to execute at the moment, it was decided to cooperate and subcontract one more IT development company – Magedia.

Challenge description

The Customer had many user stories for the warehouse management system developed on Magento 1 platform by its development team. This platform was used by Company’s external clients located in the UK and offered the following services:

  • Outsourced Logistics Solutions;
  • Warehousing;
  • Stock Management;
  • Order Processing;
  • Transportation.

All the projects were connected with Magento back-end development and included the following parts:

  • Custom Magento admin grids to perform CRUD operations for data as order analytics, shipping and stock information;
  • API Integration with external systems (such as payment, shipping, rewards);
  • Custom analytic reports generation;
  • Custom order processing support (including custom order status).

Problem resolution

It was decided to work on the stories one by one according to Kanban methodology. Magedia backend developers would accomplish a typical work using Magento ecommerce platform with its further customization and development of custom modules. Prior to start the development part, Magedia team participated in setting project tasks and their discussion with the Client, as well as preparing all the needed technical documentation, that thoroughly described all the required new features and customizations to be developed during the project implementation. Moreover, our specialists fully took the responsibility for carrying out all quality assurance processes for projects and tasks they worked on.

What outcome the Customer received

The well-coordinated work of Magedia team significantly contributed to establishing of the Customer’s business processes and improving the quality of their work in general. Services provided by the Company became even more effective, what certainly ensured substantial growth of new clients and demonstrated the expertise of Magedia Magento developers.

Project Details

Platform: Magento Open Source 1.9

Technologies: AJAX, Rest API, Bootstrap

Tools: Vagrant, Docker, Memcache, Redis, Elasticsearch, Newrelic

Start date: Februay 2018