Magento SEO: Ways to Your Website Optimization

Take a look at the present state of your website prior to reorganizing current product categories, reviewing keywords or increasing the level of your website’s page speed – in certain instances, it may turn out that your site by far has remarkable page speed and great categorization strategy. In such cases, it is necessary to consider SEO audit services for your website.

Concentrating on the below points, a complex audit allows you to create a reasonable plan for your site’s strengthening and development:

Domain: the crucial point is that all search systems, such as Google, index and crawl only your website’s www or non-www versions. It is also implemented to the HTTP or HTTPS versions – failing that, plenty of your website’s versions will be indexed by search systems. By entering your System following by Web settings and Configuration can solve such possible errors.

Structured data: the use of structured data is the second key point that should be reviewed – this particular data gives search systems information, which later will be given to website users. It consists of such aspects as lists of products, their reviews, and links to social media. The current status of structured data can be verified by  Google’s free testing tool.

Duplicate content: being one of the most prevalent issues in the context of Magento SEO,  duplicate content can be totally fixed if you change the settings of  Google Webmaster for URL parameters and include canonical link meta tag for categories. Partially you can solve it by updating the domain settings.

Sitemap: adding an XML sitemap is crucial when it comes to SEO strategy’s technical side strengthening and improving. Crawlers refer to the sitemap during your website examination, thus guaranteeing that all your site’s webpages will be found. Magento has a special tool that generates an XML sitemap that can be submitted to the search engine, that’s why this issue is frequently easy to solve.

Title tags: webpages’  title tags are what users see in search results and what make them want to visit your website, that is why  title tags examination should become an important part of your Magento SEO checklist. They must inform the visitors about your website content; therefore, these tags should be original and short at the same time. The time of solving this problem depends on the product pages’ number.

Meta descriptions: although the meta descriptions don’t affect your ranking, they still appear in search results, which means it is necessary to examine them together with your title tags. An important point is that meta descriptions make your website more credible and unique by showing extra information about the site and products to users.

It’s always a good idea to consider reorganizing your digital marketing strategy and Search Engine Optimization plan, no matter if you followed your old strategy for many years or you want to completely renew your website – SEO will definitely become a significant part when it comes to strengthening your respective brand.