Our Customer

The Customer is one of the largest home improvement stores in the Nordic countries. This top online hardware retailer proposes its clients the huge range of products for home and yard construction and renovation as well as interior decoration.

Challenge description

The Customer was thinking of dramatical transforming their eCommerce website to improve its performance and user experience. They looked for Magento consultants with deep knowhow and creative thinking to completely rework their online store and replace the existing outdated Java-based platform to Magento 2.

When approaching us for this project, the Customer team has already realized some limitations on their website such as:

  • Complexity of changing and customizing the existing website platform;
  • Difficulties to support store’s Java-based system;
  • Not really attractive website design;
  • Poor website performance and user experience;
  • Slow page load speed;
  • Not user-friendly admin panel.

For all of the above reasons, it was decided to migrate their custom-made eCommerce store to Magento 2 platform in order to enhance the website comprehensively.

Problem resolution

Magedia team started the project with a detailed research of the existing eCommerce store platform including all the system processes and integrations. Subsequently, a precise scope of work that contained Magento 2 platform implementation and modification was defined.

As a result, Magedia team came up with an optimal solution to implement a ready responsive Magento theme with a few platform-based modules and to develop several custom Magento extensions in order to meet all the Client’s requirements.

Moreover, it was essential to keep save website’s integrations with the searching, web analytics, payment, promotional and shipment services that the Customer got used to utilize with previous eCommerce platform.

Our specialists also proposed and implemented some fresh ideas to make Customer’s work with the site even more effective and easy:

  • Taking into account the difficulties in migration from the previous eCommerce platform to Magento 2, an additional custom extension was developed. That module helped to import all the information about products, product categories, orders and customers data from the prior store platform to Magento 2.
  • Since it was impossible to work with the simple customers’ passwords, it was decided to develop a custom module to extend the standard Magento algorithm of passwords comparing. This customization helped to efficiently compare the hashes imported into the system.

To make sure that the Customer was able to leverage the rich functionality he got, Magedia developed a post-migration document where described all the things needed to perform, analyze and monitor site data after the movement to Magento platform.

What outcome the Customer received

The Customer appreciated Magedia company ability to fulfill the requirements and a tailored approach to the task as well as cost cutting improvements that were implemented during the project. The online store with smooth navigation, great customer service and pretty concise and well-organized information became the reflection of the Company’s customer-oriented policy. This formed a firm foundation for customer loyalty and revenue increase.

Project Details

Platform: Magento Commerce 2.3

Technologies: KnockoutJS, Bootstrap, ReactJS

Tools: Jira, Github, Travis, CodeClimate

Start date: January 2017