It’s always crucial to find a reliable partner, able to connect your company goals and technological demands with the possibilities Magento offers. Magedia team ensures your spending on Magento development is reasonable, offering various types of services - from introducing new possibilities for sales increase to reducing spending on extra features.


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Low conversion rate
After careful review of online store analytics data, we narrow the conversion issue to one of the vulnerable areas and solve it.

● If the visual appeal of your online store leads to site abandonment, we use redesign of UI to reduce the bounce rate.
● We use UX audit to outline and fix the problems with usability, after which we improve the detected bottlenecks during UX redesign and then check the taken changes via usability testing.
● We apply different methods to improve checkout efficiency, starting from enabling a guest checkout to follow-up reminders automation.
● To prevent a high abandonment rate at the early stage of customer journey, we use audit of the website during which we identify the speed malfunctions and efficiently solve them.

Low number of repeat customers
As a rule, the most part of the company profit comes from repeat customers. No need to worry if it doesn’t happen now on your website, as we are here to assist you with creation of such user experience, that your clients will definitely want to come back to your online store.

● With the aim to collect, maintain and manage business data (both actual and archived), Magedia develops an analytics solution for your company. Here custom reports help you to see the picture of your business in general, together with controlling the small tendencies.
● Magedia gives you the opportunity to concentrate on strategic planning and work with your clients by providing your company with automation of customer segmentation and marketing tasks. Thus you’ll be able to comprehensively plan the communication scenarios to engage clients and review the results.

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We offer various consulting services in accordance with future implementation activities you will carry out.

1. Replatforming to Magento 2
Our consulting services include:
● Analysis of your present ecommerce solution.
● Linking your business demands to Magento.
● Planning customer experience improvement with the help of your new Magento solution.

2. Increasing Magento functionality
Our consulting services include:
● Reaching the proper balance between using high-quality commercial application and custom-built functionality creation.

3. Integrating Magento into an IT infrastructure
Our consulting services include:
● Ecosystem development and data flows design.

4. Mobile presence optimization
Our consulting services include:
● Defining the most efficient way of mobile design: a PWA, a mobile application or a responsive website.

5. Delivery of omnichannel retailing
Our consulting services include:
● Mapping out of new sales channels and continuous customer experience among them.

6. Magento security improvement
Our consulting services include:
● Development of security testing method which includes penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and security audit.
● Design of future security maintenance plan.

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