Having vast experience working with Magento, we see how difficult it can be sometimes for ecommerce businesses to efficiently organize back-office processes or achieve the smooth website performance, together with adapting to constantly changing and expanding company’s needs. That is why we provide our clients with such Magento support services, that will not only promptly and effectively assist their businesses with all possible technical issues, but also maintain and enhance the growth of the company.

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This type of technical support is suitable for those retailers, who strive for permanent progress of their ecommerce solution functionality and stability. The main advantage of this approach is the long-term cooperation, when we are fully immersed in your business specifics, completely supporting your solution optimization process, as well as business enhancement. Here is the list of our services that can be useful to you:


Possessing vast experience both from technical and business sides, our experts help you to create your company evolution strategy and provide its proper technical implementation. Usually, it contains:

● Current web store migration to Magento 2 platform.
● UI/UX redesign.
● Custom web design development.
● Custom functionality creation.
● Ecommerce solution redesign.
● An ecommerce platform integration with 3d-party systems.
● Ecommerce ecosystem development.

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Our team of competent specialists is ready to take charge of your technology stack completely, so you’ll have the opportunity to concentrate on your company business development rather than care about technologies. First of all, here we mean your Magento app support, but moreover, our specialists are well expertized in various systems that can be integrated into your ecommerce ecosystem and help with their technical support as well.

Based on your project scale and objectives, we offer the following scope of our support services:
● Magento app upgrades and security updates.
● Magento extension set up.
● Regular solution examination and diagnosis.
● Backup configuration.
● Performance tuning.


Continuously improving its complexity and scope, cyberattacks constitute a serious threat to ecommerce companies. That’s why we at Magedia follow a DevSecOps approach for continuous delivery, including security into the process of Magento solution development, thus revealing and fixing code weaknesses at early stages.

But if our client is a well-known and stable brand, we offer to check whether the сlient’s developers properly followed the Magento code standards. If it’s not the case, it may cause backdoors, caused by unsafe approach in coding. That is why we need to review the present security state to support it in future.

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First of all, during a security audit we check the weaknesses and exploits of your solution (containing cross-system integrations, custom code and third-party extensions). Our services here are:

● Malware checking.
● Upgrading your online store to the newest version.
● Server configuration.
● Assigning user permissions.
● Two-factor authentication setting.
● IP whitelisting.
● Reviewing the already set extensions and removing those which are not used or poor-quality.
● Backup plan designing.

Providing a comprehensive view of your solution condition, security audit gives us the opportunity to build a detailed plan of future security support implementation.

Vulnerability assessment represents a process of finding the existing security issues by performing automated security monitoring. It Is intended to outline, specify and give priorities to the ecommerce application weaknesses and the whole ecosystem, then the defined issues need to be verified manually.

Penetration testing is aimed to prevent your webstore from malware. The key point of this idea is to imitate a cyberattack, trying to invade your app or network to outline the existing weaknesses in the system prior cybercriminals can do this.

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Control and upgrade of ecommerce performance
Our team conducts the UX audit in order to identify the reasons why your key performance indicators are poor (f.e. low conversions), by examining crucial usability and customer experience components, such as navigation, checkout, visual part, catalog merchandising and so on. It helps us to define the proper ways for improvement by outlined weaknesses.

Solution management
As a part of this service we do our best to ensure the comfortable work of your team with the Magento functionality, which includes:

● App configuration in accordance with your company objectives.
● Offer your team proper training materials.
● Addressing various challenges, which affect your company working processes taking into account the specifics of ecommerce environment.

WHY Magedia?

Trusting us the support and growth of your ecommerce business, you get a reliable and experienced partner, who ensures your revenue increase and overall company benefits.

● We deliver both minor and significant improvements and updates in your ecommerce solution, aiming at customer experience increase and efficient internal working processes organization.
● We participate in business roadmap development and take charge of all technical aspects, connected with the solution.
● We ensure proper operation of your ecommerce solution.
● We provide quick and proficient resolutions to any challenges that may arise.
● We conduct regular web store performance audits and provide you with reports.
● Your Magento app and corporate systems integrated with it are well secured.

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