Over the last 7 years of software development and administration, Magedia became the reliable partner in providing not only the best software solutions and products but also a wide selection of related professional services.

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Methods to speed up development process
● Agile development
● Quality during all phases of the software development process
● Microservices/container-based architecture
● DevOps (CI/CD)
● Test automatization

Consulting-first approach providing:
● Adaptability (possibility to scale and modify)
● Reliability (including self-recovery)
● Portability
● Compatibility
● Usability
● Security
● Performance
● Cloud-native and mobile-first approach

Focus on user’s demands

● Lean functionality
● Efficient UX
● Human-centered design
● Smooth and adaptive UI

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Software Consulting

Having vast experience in software development, our team has enough expertise to provide competent support and advice services to your company. Among them are:
● Provide a comprehensive range of software consulting services during all phases of the development process, starting from establishing an idea to guaranteeing the security and compliance with regulatory requirements.
● Uncover the reasons of current projects suspension and lead them to the right path.


Magedia experts can assist you to:

● Elaborate or improve the concept of your app
● Design the clear vision of future software
● Outline and prioritize project requirements
● Develop the software architecture, which gives maximum efficiency and productivity to the application
● Define the proper technology stack
● Elaborate a plan for gradual integration of your company apps
● Prevent malfunctions and security breaches in your software
● Guarantee the high quality and compliance of your software

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Consulting Services image

In case you deal with product software development, Magedia will assist you to:

● Evaluate the vitality and relevance of the future app
● Set up risk management and budget planning
● Proof of concept (POC) evaluation
● Optimal product design defining
● ROI improvement tips

Custom Software Development

Being expects both from technical and industry-based side (healthcare, financial services, retail and other spheres), our team offers:
● Creation of mobile, desktop and web apps to help our clients carry out the management of their B2B, B2C interactions and internal processes administration.
● Provision of broad range of software development services, starting from outlining the demands to ensuring the ongoing support and solution improvement.

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Software Product Development

Magedia knows how to create a product, which will impress and please your future clients. We will be glad to help you to evaluate, design and check your product idea and elaborate proper software to meet all your client’s needs and be competitive on the market, ensuring high ROI. Among the most important points we can outline:
● Defining the functional priorities
● Timely delivery
● Safety
● Achieving the high-quality standards and compliance

Software Development Outsourcing

We conform to the policy of openness and self-management while working with our clients and helping them to enhance their businesses. As a reliable partner, we can take over any share of your digital transformation objectives:
● Software development project, containing business analysis, app development and improvement, quality control and assurance, app performance management, risk management, and other.
● Creation of full software development project plan.
● Plan for business process improvement and digital transformation, together with ongoing enhancing of quality and decreasing of the ownership costs.

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Our approach to software development:

● Strive to create stable long-term solutions.
● Intention to achieve high ROI and clear business results.
● Quick release of first version of software and subsequent iterative development.
● DevOps practices implementation (such as continuous integration and continuous delivery, automated testing and configurations, IaC) aiming to promptly deliver, ensure clean and trusted code, and facilitate deployment.
● Efficient communication with all project participants, including business departments members.
● Focus on developing of high level of trust and mutual understanding with our clients.

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