Our IT Support Infrastructure Approach

Magedia offers the below multistage support services that can be easily modified according to your company particular demands:

Includes a user support team that gets requests in your preferable way – by phone/video calls, social networks or chat, via email, using a tracking system or specific web forms. The Service desk team is responsible for the requests registration and prioritization. Team specialists collect the full description of the issues you faced, and either directly resolve simple, previously documented problems or pass them to the next support level. Support Engineer takes charge of the incident and updates status according to the agreed SLA till its end.
Includes well-trained technical support specialists to work with system troubleshooting, control key performance indicators of the system as well as deal with simple configuration problems, software installations, and daily maintenance.
Includes engineers with a good understanding of the platform and technologies used in your app. Having access to the application’s server side, the team solves more complex problems – previously not registered or demanding code reviews or significant changes in the system. The engineers can also implement complex configurations, administration of the database as well as network and server fixing.

Maintanance And Support Pricing Models

Time and Material (T&M)
Upon the results of job performed for the continuous support of your current app, you get a monthly bill.
Bucket Pricing
Paying for a number of hours at a discount price beforehand, you get our team assisting you with ongoing support of your current app.
Round-the-clock Support Center
For a monthly fixed rate, our specialists address the arising technical issues with an app 24/7.
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