Understanding the high importance of software testing together with possessing extensive experience in this field, Magedia is ready to provide the testing services for projects with various comprehensiveness and size, improving your current software quality management strategy and implementing an effective QA process.

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Managed testing services
Our competent test team will be glad to undertake your testing tasks fully or partially, together with taking charge of test process management and the quality of the tested software.

Project-specific testing services
In line with your business, software and your project specifics, our team provides independent third-party testing services, carrying out various types of tests or their combination, aiming to help you to get unbiased feedback on your app quality.

QA consulting services
We’re always ready help you to unfold the underlying causes of quality issues in your project and solve them by carrying out a comprehensive QA processes analysis as well as providing recommendations on necessary improvements. Should you be in a process of starting a project, our team is ready to develop a proper QA strategy for your company, together with helping to get the product and process certified.

Quality assessment services
Our team conducts a comprehensive review of your software from all sides, containing code quality, functional capacity, security and performance as well as usability. After the analysis is done, we present you an extensive report with the list of the discovered issues and guidance on how to correct them.

Automation testing
We unite manual and automated testing and use our deep knowledge of working with reliable automation frameworks to ensure releases speeding up, improve test coverage, and detect more bugs prior to the production stage. We are also experienced in developing the ongoing testing practices as well as testing integration into CI/CD pipelines.

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In order to ensure that your software goes in line with the requirements specification and provides an excellent user experience, Magedia team performs testing of functional and non-functional software features, providing the following variants of testing:

Functional testing

We provide manual and automated testing services. Based on your project demands, our experts will offer the best options for functional testing automation in your project.
● Unit testing / module testing
● Integration testing
● Smoke testing
● System testing
● Regression / sanity testing
● User acceptance testing

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Performance testing

In order to avoid costly fixing, we try to uncover the performance issues of your solution as early as possible. Thus, our team provides testing services from the planning phase to make sure that your solution has no defects in performance and is ready to move towards the development phase and ensure the highest ROI.

● Load Testing
We imitate different load variations to test how the system operates under them, together with defining the bottlenecks in the system and finding out their reasons.

● Stress Testing
We check the highest system performance capability with regard to the utmost load, after which we define if the system is able to acceptably operate in case if the load will be higher than the awaited maximum.

● Scalability testing
We estimate the system capacity to scale in step with the applied load growth. Thus, we define at which point the scaling is terminated and find out the causes of it.

● Stability testing
We test the stability of the system during an extended period of time, thus determining the risk of downtime and planning maintenance activities.

Usability testing

With deep understanding of the business rules, technologies and latest tendencies in UX together with possessing vast experience in various industries we can evaluate how simple and clear your solution is for your customers.

What we test:

● App design and navigation: we check how comfortable it is for users to interact with your app and assist to find out complicated, uncertain, and unhandy components of navigation.

● Scenarios and operation processes: by checking the solution’s usability in terms of basic and advanced tasks operation, we make sure the implementation of scenarios by a user while using your application.

● Content accessibility: our team verifies the GUI components to be comfortably located on a page, checks the color scheme and text to be suitable, and assures the accordance with WCAG standards and Section 508, if necessary.

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Web applications testing

Testing areas:

● Web apps
By defining web application’s front-end and back-end drawbacks, we strive to achieve finer user adoption and faster ROI.

● Enterprise websites
Here we evaluate the website’s performance, together with its functionality in terms of heavy traffic, security attacks and how user-friendly the site is.

Mobile applications testing

Testing areas:

● Mobile applications
Magedia provides testing of native mobile applications for more than 7 years, ensuring that your app provides an excellent user experience after the performed tests.

● Mobile web applications
Our specialists provide testing services of wide range of browsers for various gadgets, as the web applications serve to a broader number of users, independently of mobile platform they use.

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● Effective cooperation and strong project organization
We ensure a well-organized testing process together with building efficient relationships with project staff and 3d-party vendors.

● Clear reporting
We ensure not only full and regular test covering, but also its complete transparency by presenting testing documentation in accordance with the international set of standards for software testing.

● Testing with client’s success in mind
Being experts in 10+ domains and possessing vast knowledge in business processes, our testing team not only successfully manages your software testing, but also guarantees your business is running smoothly.

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