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About the Client

Our Client is the largest online marketplace in Iceland that connects the traditional restaurants and grocery stores having limited or no eCommerce capabilities with their customers. They use a fleet of electric cars and drones to deliver hot food,groceries, and other retail products within the city of Reykjavik.The drone delivery service helps the Client cut down delivery time from 25 minutes to four minutes, with a 60% reduction in delivery cost.

About the Project

The platform is an on-demand food delivery service in Reykjavik that allows customers to order from local suppliers and have the products delivered to their homes within a few hours or even minutes in many instances. For delivery, they use a fleet of electric cars and even drones when weather permits. Over 100+ stores, restaurants, and grocery shops use their services every day for deliveries. When the Client contacted Magedia they were
looking to significantly improve the Company’s key performance indicators. Together, we decided to focus on increasing the number of clients, optimizing site performance, developing new features, and ongoing bug fixing. Since the project involved continuous development work as well as solving regular tasks,it was decided to assign 2 qualified Magento developers from the Magedia team to work on it.

Magedia’s Differentiators

From day one the Magedia team successfully demonstrated its ability to work remotely without any delays or downtime. Slack, email and other tools allowed both our and the Client’s teams to collaborate effectively and work together despite the difference in time zones.A dedicated issue and project tracking system was also established to coordinate the work with the Client team as well as to enhance the communication between the two teams.
Our ability to carry out distributed work in a timely and professional manner convinced the Client to entrust us with more challenging tasks as the project progressed. Once the platform improvements were completed, Magedia s team took up the implementation of robust test automation to ensure quality, increase the competitiveness of the solution, and lower costs.
An experienced and dedicated AQA expert from Magedia worked closely with the development team to create and implement functional and GUI tests. As of date, nearly all components have been subjected to automated testing with the use of Magedia’s custom framework.While automation coverage has been achieved for over 80% of the platform, new tests were added regularly to improve the platform quality.

Project Process and Methodology

For smooth teamwork and to ensure that everyone is on the same page a mature, low-risk and transparent process was established with daily meetings and consistent communication via email and phone.
The flexible Kanban-based collaboration workflow adopted allowed the project team to shorten the elaboration stage and get started quickly. This methodology further helped the team to reduce risks in the development process, and eliminate the disparities in vision thanks to instant communication and effective change requests management.
Additionally, the established workflow enabled the team to effectively tackle changing project requirements and improve project visibility while ensuring high-quality code and as a result reduction in Client’s costs.

Key Highlights and Benefits

Tasks completed during the project execution:

  • Undertook website performance optimization.(This included extensive code refactoring).
  • Created a mobile application (by leveraging MeteorJS technology).
  • Created a Driver Service option – a special page in the marketplace where the driver from the delivery service could check the status of the order.
  • Created a custom Magento 2 theme from scratch(This included custom theme development, theme optimization,creation of responsive web design, etc.).
  • PWA elements were implemented on the site (including elements adaptation, Service Worker usage,and tuning, etc.).
  • A new shipping method – Drone delivery was created and configured on the marketplace.

Business Value

Once all the solution improvements were executed, the Client was able to reduce operational expenses, increase the efficiency of tasks execution by 48.5%, improve service quality, as well as increase customer base and retention.The partnership with Magedia proved to be extremely beneficial to the Client and enabled him to improve performance and increase sales by 30%.

Future Plans

The work on the project continues and the main emphasis now is on maximizing the performance and effectiveness of the business processes with the help of robotic systems. Currently, robots are being used as a part of the distribution channel which is responsible for 24/7 order fulfillment. Once an order is received the robots get activated,they pick and pack the products in the warehouse and deliver them to the store at their doorstep. The fleet of robots includes both indoor robots which handle the packages from the store door to the outdoor delivery point; and delivery robots that move packed orders into the streets when needed. Being highly configurable, Magento platform allows for further development giving the Client the possibility to focus on expanding new markets.

Technology Stack

Platform Magento 1

PHP 5,7

Framework PHPUnit, Zend 1,Meteor JS

Web server Nginx

Database MySQL

Testing tools Browserstack

Frontend HTML, Sass, Less,KnockoutJS, jQuery

Other Tools and Technologies PWA, Redis,, Newrelic

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