Offering the high quality Magento solutions over many years, we know the main aim of online retailers - to deliver excellent customer experience. As it cannot be reached only by working with default Magento functionality or commercial extensions, we recommend to appeal to custom Magento development

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In order to provide you with an explicit vision of our assistance scope and capacity of Magento customization, we give a precise explanation of how our services can help to raise your conversion rate. Magedia is both efficient in terms of ambitious projects with numerous custom features to be applied and not so large-scaled tasks, where a single business feature is needed to be adjusted to client’s objectives.


Use the opportunity to attract your target customers and enhance the brand recognition by creating an online store, which will encourage shoppers to make purchases at different stages of their shopping journey using all website pages. As a result of our work, you will receive a flexible online store, providing a first-class shopping experience through all gadgets and channels. Moreover, we offer to improve your website performance (appealing look, high rank of your site in search engines, and increased visibility) through using a Magento template, developed particularly for your business objectives.

Magedia is ready to become your reliable technical partner both if you are a freshman and you need a brand-new online store to be developed or if you already have an outdated one and your goal is to reshape it. With us, your idea of how your website should look like will be turned into a Magento custom theme with an intuitive interface that will ease the day-to-day tasks of your managers. Always trying to do our best and sharing your company goals, our specialists use the best ecommerce design practices to present your goods in the most appealing way and bring your company to be one of the leaders in ecommerce industry.

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With the aim to increase your mobile presence on the market, we offer design of native mobile applications, together with Progressive Web Apps development.

A distinctive feature of PWA is that it combines the key benefits of native applications, together with being less costly and faster deployed. We offer the development of PWA on a turn-key basis, starting from your app design drafting to further launch and support.

How PWA helps to reach your mobile customers

1. Easy optimization of your landing pages for various market segments
2. Push notifications to increase customer involvement
3. Application uniformity across different browsers
4. Fast loading
5. Ability to work offline and on networks with poor quality
6. Possibility to add app icon on user’s mobile home screen
7. Application size is small
8. Automated application updates

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If you’re searching for the instruments to enhance your company revenue and become the leader on ecommerce market, you need to combine Magento functional capabilities and efficient 3d party elements (such as tools for optimization of website content, various payment systems, ERP programs etc.). Magedia team is ready to become your reliable technical partner in completing this task and turn your vision of the website into reality.

We initiate our collaboration with comprehensive review of your present online store and market analysis to define the ways for future improvement. The wide range of our services includes not only website speed increase and performance optimization, as well as recommendations for improving site design, but also implementation of various types of custom integrations and setting of new Magento add-ons, in order to enrich the functionality of your webstore and make the shopping process easier and more enjoyable for customers.


Magedia defines 3 main purposes for Magento integration with 3d-party systems – business growth through new sales channels, efficient back-office processes automatization and striving to enhance customer experience. When speaking of full range of integration opportunities, we mean the integration of your solution with various payment and shipping systems, CRM and accounting, marketing and social networks, data analytics and so on.

Having vast practical experience in comprehensive ecommerce ecosystems creation, Magedia is able to provide consulting services on ecosystem components and carry out the necessary integrations. For large-scale businesses, the most proper ecosystem can combine all or majority of described above features. In terms of smaller businesses, we concentrate on functional aspects, crucial for current company efficiency and maintain the business development in future.

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If you have a specific business idea to be implemented, we offer to cover it with a custom Magento application. We pay special attention to adjust our development approach according to your main aim.

Custom extensions for private usage in your company

Magedia ensures exact introduction of custom functions in your existing ecommerce solution. With this aim, we comprehensively analyze your current solution and bring it in line with the functions to be created, thus preventing the possibility of functionality conflict. Striving to achieve the best results, we elaborate every detail of application in accordance with your commercial focus.

Custom extensions for commercial use

When you contact us to develop a broadly reusable app, Magedia elaborates the concept of solution in accordance with common ecommerce demands. In addition, we can carry out user persona research and user journey mapping to define the hidden obstacles, improve the set of functions and get the clear vision of solution goals in general. After we agree on your functional requirements, we start working to bring the future product to the market by an agreed deadline. In case the cooperation with third-party organizations is needed (marketing agencies or business consultants), we are able to finish our work within a short timeframe to deliver the product to the end customer as quickly as possible.


Although custom Magento solutions are responsive, extensible and can be developed to meet all your company objectives, sometimes deep customization can be quite challenging in terms of expenses and time needed for app development. That is why at Magedia we follow the special Research & Development approach, thanks to which we can provide solutions for various budgets.

1. We collect all your company objectives and ideas to prepare the proper functional requirements needed for the future solution.
2. We focus on your business objectives and, if necessary, appeal to iterative development.
3. We define Magento functionality restrictions that prevent achievement of business goals, and then determine the functionality of the elaborated solution.
4. We strive to use the most of quality commercial extensions, thus to cover the most of app functional requirements.
5. We plan custom elaborations to cover functional gaps that cannot be solved with ready-made extensions.
6. We develop a solution.

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