Over the 7 years working in domain, Magedia strives to bring our clients high-quality solutions focused on result. Working with us, you will acquire a client-oriented partner, able to put together all your business demands and ideas starting from online market entry to full digital transformation of your retail business, and turn them into optimized technical solutions.

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As the e-commerce industry is expanding rapidly, thus competition is high, so now it’s rather challenging to impress your customers with simple website design or online payment options. That is why more and more e-commerce startups are striving to distinguish themselves, starting from creating appealing design to building branded customer experience. Having vast experience in consulting, we provide our clients with competent advice on how to turn their smart goals into technical solutions, assuring effective launch of their online store. Moreover, during joint work and discussions of project details with the customer, new bright ideas are often born, which can subsequently become a real competitive advantage.


Magedia helps to adjust effective and multifunctional Magento based solutions to your company business goals. Whether you are a freshman in e-commerce or you already faced with some issues while entering the industry, we are ready to give a helping hand и provide our consulting services though all challenges that may arise.

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If your current e-commerce solution appears to be ineffective, it needs to be upgraded. Here we defined the most common issues retailers face in terms of optimization:

● A low conversion rate: With the help of analytic tools, Magedia team indicates and defines the cause of your customers outflow. We determine the way your online store visitors leave the site and develop the ways for optimization. Our specialists consider various aspects, from technical such as website slowness or out-of-date design, to strategic – like product range, options of delivery and refund policy.

● A low rate of repeat purchase: In order to encourage your customers to return on your website again and again you should provide them with an excellent shopping experience. Magedia fully supports this aim and works towards helping you to form your customer loyalty. After careful UX analysis and redesign of your website, we proceed with back-office processes – despite being invisible for your clients, they affect the work of your business and require to be appropriately structured and automated. For example – having poor supply planning and order management can cause bad inventory, thus negatively affect customer experience and your reputation.


In order to get a clear perspectives of your future business development it is crucial to set long-lasting targets. Despite we can’t create your business roadmap, for our part Magedia is ready to provide you with potential ways of growth, based on Magento functionality.

● Magento migration: Our experience with Magento (both website upgrade to the latest Magento version or replatforming) shows that it definitely expands website functionality, brings more flexibility for customization and generally helps the solution to meet all client’s business demands. Moreover, migration can be a good opportunity to revise your business strategy and prospects, giving a fresh start to your business.

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● Omnichannel retailing: Complete integration of customer experience across all sales channels and coherent working processes is the key principle of the efficient omnichannel retailing. To achieve it, Magedia designs a comprehensive e-commerce solution for your company involving such constituent elements as marketplace presence, facilitating mobile sales through mobile app creation or Progressive Web App (PWA), together with providing smooth integration with POS systems. With this, we ensure the business environment, where all operations are efficiently automated, flows of information are well-organized and all the part of your business, together with whole picture of your company operation are evident for your customers.

● Multiple store creation: One of the practical Magento functions is that it permits to handle multiple websites through a single Magento installation. Therefore it allows to create customized websites and settings for various types of goods and customer segments. To help this extensive system work properly in future, we are ready to provide your employees with learning materials and further support if necessary.


To implement a high-quality designed solution, we complement our consulting services with a strong technical basis. Here are the range of the development services we provide:

● Migration to Magento.
● UX analysis and design/redesign.
● Custom UI design.
● Magento Configuration services.
● Magento Customization (covering the commercial extensions development and custom-built options).
● Corporate ecosystem design and integration with 3rd party systems.
● Shipping and payment integration.
● Multistore setup.
● Mobile development and PWA.

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Efficient implementation and support of ecommerce solution requires more than just one single effort. To protect your business from sudden technical challenges, the best decision is to establish a long-term cooperation with an experienced Magento support team. At Magedia we offer various support services, including effective app management, monitoring and troubleshooting.

In terms of continuous evolution of e-commerce business, it is crucial to have a technical partner, ready to catch all your business ideas and aspirations, changing demands and optimization plans. Possessing a big e-commerce team onboard, we are fully prepared to assist you with long-term projects and work towards step-by-step transformation of your business.


● Complex Magento services, including consulting on technologies, technical implementation and support.
● Establishment of long-lasting cooperation, ensuring the ongoing evolution of your business.
● Reaching high ROI for solutions based on Magento, using core platform functionality and giving preference to proper commercial extensions in lieu of custom development where appropriate.
● Competent project management, ensuring excellent communication coordination among our specialists, your employees and third parties (software suppliers, business consultants and marketing agencies).
● Vast working expertise in comprehensive ecommerce architectures.

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