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Project Context and Objective

When the client approached the Magedia team they were stuck with an outdated website on an obsolete eCommerce platform -Smilehouse Workspace. While Smilehouse is an effective platform to build and manage product catalogs and simple online stores,it is not scalable, has limited API functions, and it is difficult to integrate it with 3rd party systems. It also lacked functionalities like advanced analytics, advanced marketing and promotional tools, etc.
By replatforming the customer was seeking to increase the productivity of his site and solve integration problems with external systems, including payment and order processing systems.

Our Solution

The solution we proposed was a full-fledged multifunctional site on the Magento platform. The main reason for this was that Magento 2 was scalable, easy to upgrade and maintain, had built-in integrations, and offered a great shopping experience.

For this project, we developed a custom migration solution with several key integrations with systems like order fulfillment, multiple payment options, site search, etc. Also, a responsive custom website theme was developed for the customer for better aesthetics and functionality.

A solution was also developed in-house to migrate all URLs, customer data, passwords, and order history to the new system without any error. The process was so seamless that end-users didn t even notice the changes.

Project Process and Methodology

Since the customer did not have a development team, a project manager and developers from Magedia were assigned for this project. After analyzing the client requirements, it was decided to use the scrum methodology to show the client ready-made functionality in stages. Thus, the client was able to assess progress, see results, and recommend changes right after each stage completion.
An effective communication process was also put in place to ensure that both teams were on the same page throughout the project implementation period. Daily meetings, regular progress reports, and an advanced Scrum-based workflow helped in maintaining the time schedules and in the development of new modules and features for the website as planned. The close collaboration between the teams helped reduce the project delivery time substantially with parts of the project being delivered ahead of schedule.

Product Performance and Quality

Results delivered as part of the project

  • Full data migration
  • Migration of user account with old passwords (a special module was developed for this purpose)
  • Development of various data encryption algorithms
  • Migration of categories, products, custom fields and variables (a special script was developed which analyzed the data and distributed them, then insert into the Magento fields)
  • Successful migration of orders with lots of custom attributes
  • Integration with a 3rd party system that calculates the cost of goods delivery
  • Integration with Klevu search Development of a website Magento theme, page making and programming (category page, product page)
  • Implementation of responsive design – together with a third-party design agency

To ensure the proper quality, our team carefully tested the solution before handing it over to the client.

Project Results

Throughout this project, Magedia has been a reliable development partner and has helped deliver a full-fledged multifunctional site with a responsive design that works perfectly on every device. The result is a user-friendly site high on aesthetics and a solution that has simplified the client s work in maintaining and updating the site at their end.

Benefits for Client

  • Complete migration of data from the old eCommerce platform to the new one, with all passwords saved
  • The user account saved and completely migrated without any error
  • Integration of Klevu search
  • Improvement and optimization of back-office processes
  • Integration of powerful sales analysis tools
  • Set up of Visual Merchandiser tool for optimizing the presentation of goods in the online store
  • Site performance increased by 43%
  • Increased number of orders
  • Accelerated order fulfillment process

End-user benefits

  • Faster order processing
  • Improved site speed
  • Responsive design that ensures that the site works perfectly on all devices
  • Quick site search (thanks to additional integration of Magento with Klevu search)
  • Local payment systems support

Technology Stack

Platform Debian GNU/Linux

Programming Languages PHP, HTML5, CSS3 (LESS pre-processor), JavaScript

Framework Zend Framework, Symfony, JQuery, RequireJS

Application Servers Apache, Nginx, MySql

Development Environment PhpStorm

Other Technologies
and Tools
Composer, PSR-0, PSR-1, PSR-2, PSR 3, and PSR-4,
Gulp, Twig

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