10 tips to boost conversions with improved product pages

Anatoliy Likhachev


Founder and CEO Magedia, technology leader and an eCommerce expert with over 15 years of experience helping customers to boost their revenues through effective IT solutions

June 13, 2020

1) Featured image

To make a positive first impression and engage potential clients to open product details, the featured image should be:

  • high-quality
  • well-centered and well-lit
  • containing no distracting elements.

2) Videos

Watching a product video makes a purchase more probable by 64-85% (NeilPatel).
Moreover, video content contributes to your webstore SEO, and is more shareable and clickable.
To reap these benefits, you can place video demos, tutorials, explainers, walkthroughs, unboxings, etc on your product pages.

3) Gallery of product pictures

22% of customers return items because they look different in pictures rather than in reality (Weebly).
What will help you to provide descriptive visualization of a product with no gap between expectation and reality:

  • high-quality pictures with good light and composition
  • shots from different angles
  • clear demonstration of all product details and components
  • appropriate type of photography: clean-cut/product-only, in context/lifestyle, detailed, group, packaging shots, etc
  • NO abundance of colors, distracting elements
  • in-scale image
  • 360-degree shot
  • virtual try-on.

Besides, optimize your product pictures so that their load time doesn’t exceed 3 milliseconds.

4) Product description

Customers don’t like to scroll, so locate info that is most important for decision-making on the first screen.
Let your product description be concise, concrete and value-based. You can highlight:

  • What problems the product solves
  • What values the product brings
  • How the product differs from competitors.

Avoid long plain texts ― people are prone to skip them. If shortening the description is not an option, you may:

  • arrange it as tabs, sections, accordion, etc
  • provide short and long descriptions (customers will see a short description on the first screen, and will be able to open a long description for more details).

5) Customization options

Enable your customers to see product variations and personalize items with ease.
Make sure your customizer:

  • has intuitive interface that requires minimum interactions
  • takes visible position.

6) Upselling and cross-selling

Customers clicking recommendations drive 24% of orders and 26% of revenue (Salesforce).
Personalize shopping experience with product recommendations, such as «Related products», «See also», «You may also like», etc.

7) CTA

Text: a good CTA is brief, unambiguous, but still engaging. It’s a good practice to use action verbs. Also, you may convey benefits the action brings (e.g. discounts, gifts). Some examples:

  • Add to cart/ add to bag
  • View product details
  • Get 20% off
  • Buy in 1 click
  • Send to a friend
  • Select your size

Design: let your CTA be well-visible, uncluttered, and standing out from other elements. Provide a vast clicking area for better accessibility.
Personalized CTA’s drive 202% more conversions (HubSpot).

8) Return and exchange

80% of customers are loyal to brands with easy returns (Chain Store Age).
Making return and exchange policy transparent and well-explained contributes to building trust with customers. On the product page, you may place a link to the policy or excerpts from it for general understanding.

9) FAQ and LiveChat

Will the customer complete the purchase if there are some questions unanswered? Doubtful.
These options will help customers to get their queries resolved 24/7:

  • live chat (for better usability you may equip it with smart triggers — automatic personalized messages)
  • visible link to the FAQ page
  • FAQ section to a product page.

10) Customer reviews and User-Generated Content

After getting 5 reviews, the product is by 270% more likely to be purchased (Medill Spiegel Research Center).
Unbiased opinions and successful experiences win customers’ trust.
Leverage that by demonstrating as many reviews as you can, and user-generated photos and videos, if possible.

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