Q&A with Magedia’s HR Partner Luiza Runtso: how do we distinguish the right developers for our team?

Meet Luiza Runtso — our HR partner.

In a brief Q&A session, she reveals:
– What qualifications and personal qualities are required for developers to work with Magedia
– What helps keep the development team motivated
– How Magedia helps to grow new talents.

Let’s go!


What requirements should a developer meet to get a project at Magedia?

Luiza: “As for hard skills, Magedia is looking for developers having experience in Magento development as well as knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and Linux.

We also pay attention to the English level, which should allow developers to communicate with clients fluently and smoothly.

In terms of soft skills, we make sure that the candidate has adequate self-esteem, good communication skills, tolerance for criticism, strong logic, and motivation.”


Are you ready to compromise candidate’s soft skills, if one is highly qualified?

Luiza: “Though there is a shortage of Magento developers, we don’t practice hiring specialists lacking necessary soft skills. It will be difficult for them to find common ground with other team members, stay motivated, grow professionally, etc. Which will inevitably harm the quality of work.”


What motivating factors do developers distinguish in Magedia work environment?

Luiza: “I can figure out 3 major factors based on employee surveys.

The first one is the individual approach. All team members are quite interconnected. This allows us to be naturally aware of each employee’s challenges, ideas, expectations, and address them timely and properly.

The second factor is the diversity of projects. Usually, the project duration is 6-12 months, so developers don’t get bored. Besides, the developer can try different formats of work: alone or in the team, directly with clients or accompanied by the PM.”

And the third factor is a close-knit, uplifting team. The atmosphere is filled with support, responsiveness, and fellowship.”


What is the ratio between junior, middle, and senior developers at Magedia now?

Luiza: “Currently, 75% of Magedia’s developers are middle and senior, and 25% are junior.”


Does Magedia contribute to nourishing new eCommerce development talents?

Luiza: “Yes, Magedia conducts free PHP courses for beginners. The idea is to educate motivated, talented developers, and give them a chance to start a career.

The best of the graduates get an internship. The best interns receive job offers, and then work on the internal projects. After getting enough experience, they are ready to work on projects for clients.

But even if you weren’t offered an internship, you possess a solid knowledge of PHP and Magento, which is a competitive edge for further employment.”


That was insightful, thank you so much!

Luiza: “Thank you too :)”